If Spirits Can Haunt Our Homes

Why not our bodies too?

America’s obsession with the paranormal is real. A&E is rebooting the show ‘Ghost Hunters’, and adding on four new paranormal titles this year. Hollywood has a medium and so does Long Island. As I ran on the treadmill this morning, I thought to myself, why is it so difficult to accept that spirits could attach to the aura’s of humans too?

Over the course of the last four years, I have had many clients where I would find and release spirits and dark entities into the Light. My family and friends, the ones closest to me could not wrap their heads around what I was doing, what I was saying or why I would even dare enter this field.

You guys, my family and friends couldn’t understand what I was saying or why. And my past clients? The ones who walked out of my office feeling lighter and more free? They couldn’t even understand or believe what just happened or why, AND THEY WERE THE ONES IN SESSION WITH ME.

I had a long road ahead of me.

I knew that I didn’t need to convince my closest circle of what or who I was, but more of having them become aware of what could be.

That we are not just our bodies, but we are an infinite soul with a body. A body which will expire in this life and a soul which will transition onward.

Some souls do not transition onward, they do not go towards the Light, instead stay here in this third dimensional realm and find an energy soul to feed off of, ie: humans.

They attach themselves to our auric field or esoteric bodies until that person dies or they come in contact with someone like me, a releaser.

Spirit attachment is almost universal in the human population, where there is vulnerability, there most likely is attachment. They are the spiritual parasites that feed on the energy supply of many. No wonder some people still feel sluggish, even after all the doctor’s visits and health changes.

There are many reasons why a spirit would stay in this realm and not transition into the Light:

Some are afraid.

They have unfinished karmic business or revenge.

They want to stay here to feed their appetite for drugs and/or alcohol, therefore enhancing someone’s thirst or need.

Some just wander and some I have found had no clue they could leave and were more than happy to jump ship.

Some stay because their loved ones told them, ‘Please don’t leave me.’

An attached entity can alter the mental, emotional and physical aspects of any of their hosts and enhance their emotions. If a grumpy and stubborn old man died and his soul stayed, his spirit is still as grumpy and stubborn, thus enhancing his hosts stubbornness and feelings. Or the attachment can be very subtle.

There are stories of people whose personalities shifted dramatically after a surgery or an organ transplant. When a person is unconscious, there is a vacuum that allows for spirits to jump into that particular body or when an organ is removed from a deceased person, the soul of that person fragments off and into that organ.

To be transferred into their new host body.

Spirit attachment does not require the permission of the host and is a violation of free will. I have felt and watched some spirits jump out of my clients body before we even started session, because they knew they didn’t belong there in the first place.

How would you know if you or someone you know have spirit attachment?

  • “He turned into a different person the moment he starts to drink.”
  • “This isn’t my life,” or the feeling that someone is living through me.
  • “I’ve been sad as long as I can remember, even as a small child.”
  • “I eat well and exercise, but I’m tired all the time. I don’t know why.”
  • “I sometimes hear voices that are not mine.”
  • “After the surgery, he/she became a different person.”
  • “I do and say things sometimes that feels like it’s not me. As though someone else is doing it. Sometimes I feel like there are two people living my life.”
  • “I feel like I’ve been stuck.”
  • “I feel like something is holding me back.”
  • “Hearing voices that make negative comments.”

Maybe the voices in your head could not just be your imagination.

Blessed be.


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Carol Dao is the author of, “Holy Sage for the Soul: Spirit Releasement Stories Based on True Events.” She is also an international healer and accepts clients on a case by case basis. Please visit www.caroldao.com for more information or for session requests. As the state of flow requires her to recharge in different energy vortexes and ley lines around our world, she can only be reached by email.

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