Holy Sage for the Soul: Spirit Releasement Stories Based on True Events

In Holy Sage for the Soul, Carol Dao presents heart-stopping spirit releasement stories based on true events, which brings light to an invisible world surrounding our physical one. Join Carol as she takes you into a world not many people know about, few understand, and a very small percentage of people in the world can handle. In a bewitching page-turner, team up with her as she weaves in and out of each of those worlds, releasing earthbound spirits and demons from the souls of each of her clients by unlocking and strengthening all her extrasensory abilities.

Holy Sage for the Soul will: 

  • Introduce you to a more loving and compassionate way of releasing spirits or demons to allow the crossing over.
  • Help you determine if you have spirits or demons attached to you and confirm if you are a host for some uninvited beings, beings layered in your energetic field and body.
  • For those of you on your healing path of enlightenment, Holy Sage for the Soul is a book that holds the answers to many of the questions you may have.
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