Hello and welcome! If you are reading this, I want to say thank you for being a seeker. Just like you, I’ve always been a seeker of life. Let it be the meaning of life, happiness, joy, answers, truth, it’s always been who I was and who I am.

Growing up in Orange County, CA in a predominantly Vietnamese area, I was subjected to cultural and environmental conditioning. I was thrust into the mortgage industry at the ripe age of twenty-three, where I spent almost fourteen years worshipping fast money, fast cars, and fast life. I was great at what I did, successful in the eyes of many. I was spiritually unsuccessful in my soul, there had to be more, I thought.

Back then, I would think to myself, “I only put in about sixty to seventy percent effort into doing this. I wonder what would happen if I gave my all to something I was meant to do?” This went on for years.

It was a cool Southern California February morning in 2015 when I woke up from a dream with a message. A message downloaded loud and clear. Instead of brushing it aside like the many dreams, I have had before, this time I followed through on it.

And in the process, I saved a life. I was not a doctor, I was a mortgage banker who had a dream that saved a grown man’s life.

In a very slow and timely fashion, I surrendered my existence over to what was happening to and through me. I surrendered and let go of everyone I knew and everything I did in my life to fully embrace who I was, who I am.

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain did not describe the moment of awakening combined with a broken heart and a fear of the unknown as I stepped away from a life I had built. I felt like I was dying. In a way, I died many times over.

The easiest thing for me to have done was to not listen to the inner knowing inside of me or the spirits who crowded my home. The easiest thing to have done was to continue living my life with my loving boyfriend as a mortgage banker who lived in a bungalow in Southern California, complete with palm trees. That would have been the easiest route to take, but those who know me, know that I always set the bar as high as possible to challenge myself.

Another easy thing for me would have been to find a guru, a spiritual teacher, a guide, a shaman to show me the way, but that was not written in my life plan. I was always the teacher, as are you. Everything I was seeking was not outside myself, the answers were always within. My job was to go inward to understand my truth.

I didn’t just go inward, I dived headfirst without knowing how to swim. I thought I would drown as my Spirit Guides and Angels watched me wave my arms in desperation. They weren’t watching me drown though. They were waiting for me to remember. They waited for me to remember I could swim. They waited for me to remember that I was a damn good swimmer.

A layer of me did die as I started to remember why I was placed on this Earth. Over the last five years, many layers fell off as I remembered how to heal people with all my extrasensory abilities.

I became a Jack of all modalities, a master of spirit releasement therapy, higher conscious channeling, and soul retrieval.

We are the creators of our resistance, therefore we are the creators of our flow. Remove the blocks, let go of the weight, and allow yourself to flow and align yourself with what you deserve. My dears, you deserve all the love, all the happiness, all the joy and light in this world.

As you become joy, as you become love, as you become light, we all become one. Let there be Light.

With faith,

Carol D.


  • English (Fluent)
  • Light Language  (Fluent) 
  • Vietnamese (Intermediate) 
  • Italian (Intermediate)
  • Spanish (Intermediate)
  • Albanian (Beginner)
  • California State University of Fullerton: Liberal Studies 
  • RYT 200 Certified through Anahata Yoga & Wellness 
  • Certified 5-PATH® and 7th Path™ Hypnotherapist
  • National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) : Certified Hypnotherapist 
  • International Center for Reiki Training Association : Certified Reiki Level I & II


  • Night terrors completely gone after two remote releasement sessions for children across the world.
  • Client completely off of a 20 year stretch of antidepressants after one consult call and session.
  • Guiding a mother to tap into her inner strength and love to be the rock of her family after three sessions. Two months later, her son was diagnosed with leukemia, where she was able to hold down the fort of her family and continue to heal not only herself but her son.
  • A husband was able to reveal the truth of his addictive personality to his wife of eleven years after our second session together.
  • Released best friend spirit from a woman who had been trying to get pregnant for two years. Once the sadness of her passing and the spirit was released, she had room to conceive which she did.
  • Performed a shamanic releasement of spirits with an 11-year-old boy who was unsuccessful with other child psychologists and gastroenterologists with his stomach issues and night terrors. It was the first time his stomach felt better in years. He’s sleeping more soundly now.
  • After one prayer session together, one woman was able to walk around the plane without fear. Twelve years with a fear of flying and she walked around as if, “I was walking on land.”
  • Released heavy demonic attachment for a new Tlingit mother and her 6 month old baby, where the attachment attached when she was pregnant. Also relayed messages from her deceased father, who came in to assist in the releasement.
  • Successful remote energetic releasement of a home with poltergeist after one session. A home where many priests, shamans, and brahmans have visited before.
  • Tapped into a client’s son’s animal totem to fuse his animal totem into his five-year-old physical and esoteric body. Went from weak and always sick to strong and healthy.
  • Journeyed to find the soul fragment of a client’s mother’s soul. Retrieved the fragment to make her mother whole again. Mother began responding with love for the first time in the children’s lives.
  • Released a thousand-year-old attached demon from a client to allow her to step into her role as the Light Warrior she was meant to be.
  • Found and released a lost parallel life attachment of a client and sent the lost parallel life back to her dimension, leaving my client in this dimension and life free to walk her path.
  • Intervened in my father’s medical emergency before he bled out internally.
  • Released a 700-year-old demonic being from a client who had depression and chronic neck pain since she was young. After our second session, she felt lighter and ready to move forward in her life with a fresh outlook.
  • Intervened in a client’s medical emergency of an oversized gall stone, which led him and his doctor to find an infection in his body he’s had for months.
  • Released a pedophilic spirit with over twenty-five children attachments nested with him. The client stopped seeing visions of children being tortured and raped.
  • Checked in on a friend’s health, which ultimately led him to the doctor where he was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. He went into chemotherapy and is doing well now.
  • A client came in with crippling anxiety which gridlocked her from working. Released heavy demonic being within her and shifted her perception within two sessions to complete awareness of her family’s karmic lineage and her emotions. She felt lighter, free, and wanting to go back to work with a ‘not a big deal,’ attitude.
  • Released and removed blockages of fear and anger to shift misperception of client’s inner child after two sessions. She is now leading a revolution of change for her country.
  • Released the spirit attachment of a deceased mother from a client, who was attached for over 15 years. Client is now consciously happy and in allowance of abundance in her life due to the space made. They both are free. 
  • Remotely healed my client’s long term leg pain by giving her an energetic healing ball to place on her leg.
  • Released a massive compounded tumor of anger from a client after two sessions, where she was able to let go of things, not in her control. She walked away with more self-confidence and self-esteem as she became more aware of her emotions and their impact on her and her family.
  • Assisted in shifting the karma of two daughters of a famous pranic healer in Asia by remotely releasing the demonic beings sent to separate the entire family. Both are now more connected to themselves, therefore emotionally open to their parents. What a blessing!
  • Assisted in a soul relationship/partnership to mend the tethered connection in the hidden worlds. They both are currently flourishing. 
  • Remote releasement for black magic on a client’s father, whose skin deformation on his head disappeared after six months of healing.
  • Became the catalyst for change for my own intergenerational trauma in my family and I continue to be. This is one of my greatest accomplishments to date.

Carol Dao is an international hypno-healer, author, psychic medium, and shaman who travels to different energy vortexes and ley lines to hone her inner GPS in blind faith. She helps healers, empaths, intuitives, and creatives align with their truest selves by remembrance. Working solely with divine alignment and timing, Carol guides truth seekers to tap in and unlock their infinite potential by not only identifying the root cause of turmoil but also helping to release and clear what no longer serves them. She loves removing, unblocking, releasing obstacles so that each person can walk their path with strength, clarity, and grace. She is honored to be of service.

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